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Author: Jaime Bates   Date Posted:5 March 2018 

Newborn Baby Gifts Galore Fantastic range of newborn baby gifts for everyone including environmentally friendly baby wash and bottom balms, baby monitors, soft and stretchy love to dream baby swaddles and lots more.

At SHOPBABY we have a fantastic range of newborn baby gifts for everyone. Popular baby gift choices include environmentally friendly baby wash and bottom balm, baby monitors featuring the latest technology, soft and stretchy love to dream ergopouch swaddle and lots more.

If you become overwhelmed by the number of quality baby gifts on offer then you can securely purchase one of our easy online gift vouchers or pop into our store at 126 Woodlark Street Lismore NSW 2480 (directions here) and say hello to our friendly team who will help you with your gift choice. Read about some of our favourites below! 

One of my favourite practical gifts would have to be the GROBAGS GroEgg thermometer. Once set up I could quietly duck my head into my daughter’s nursery to see if the temperature was at a safe and comfortable level thus ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for both bub and myself.

The GroEggs calming amber glow makes the room a tranquil space for sleeping and becomes an important sleep que, which is great for when we were travelling. It is something I personally still use beyond the newborn baby years and was definitely a value purchase for our family.

You can purchase the GroEgg for that special new addition with Afterpay by making 4 fortnightly interest-free payments.  

A close runner-up when thinking about gifts that will be really appreciated by their recipient is the ORICOM baby sleep monitors. When I think about baby safety and peace of mind these are the top of the list. When I first had my baby, sleep was a luxury, but I found that even when my daughter was asleep I was constantly checking on her to make sure she was still breathing! To save my sanity and allow me to get some much-needed sleep I invested in an Oricom Breathing and Sound Monitor. This meant that could sleep soundly knowing that my baby would be safe. Luckily, I never had to experience an alarm in the middle of the night, but I’ve had other mother’s tell me that this product saved their child’s life.

Also available now is the Oricom Video Monitors with two-way communication. We’ve had great feedback on this product as often you want to check on your baby but entering the room might wake them up. Seeing that they are soundly asleep on the digital screen is great! And if they do start to stir, sometimes a calming voice can sooth them back to sleep without the interruption of doors, lights, action and more noise.  Some of the sleep varieties have calming spa sounds, birds chirping, crashing ocean sounds which could send even the trickiest babies to sleep or a relaxing light show to entertain until natural sleep settles in. 

Quality baby gifts that can be used for siblings and passed onto other family members are a great way to go. However, we can’t forget the cuteness factor so SHOPBABY also stock a lovely range of wraps, comforters, soft hats and toys for newborns. 


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