Modern Cloth Nappies

Here at SHOPBABY we are your modern cloth nappy experts helping customers across the Northern Rivers from Grafton to Byron bay.

Our customer love picking our brains about all the how to’s and big no no’s that come with using modern cloth nappies. The biggest myth we bust with our customers is that “modern cloth nappies are just too hard”. Yes, there are a few extra steps but the benefits they offer well and truly make them worthwhile.

In the first-year babies can go through over 2000 nappies which if you are using disposables is not only expensive but leaves a big footprint on our earth.

It’s been shown that children who wear modern cloth nappies toilet train easier, faster and from a younger age than children wearing disposables.

Washing modern cloth nappies doesn’t have to be a day long task. Simply there are four steps.

  • Remove any soiling from nappies and dispose down the toilet.
  • Dry pail your nappies in a well-ventilated space until wash day.
  • Wash your cloth nappies on a long 60-degree wash with half strength natural detergent.
  • Line dry outers and boosters – sunlight is your natural bleach. (inserts can be tumble dried during wet weather)

If you’re keen to give modern cloth nappies a go, drop into store or reach out to use and we can give you the run down, we promise you’ll be an expert by the time you leave.