Bath + Changing

Is there anything nicer than a warm bath? Creating a nightly bath routine can be a great wind down for babies before bedtime and using beautiful natural products that are gentle on the skin is always a safe bet. Wotnot Naturals and Natures Child offer a range lotions and potions including bottom balms, bath wash, moisturisers, oils, and sunscreen that are both organic and cruelty free. These natural products are also recommended when using Modern Cloth Nappies as they meet the washing guidelines. 

Modern Cloth nappies are a trend that is on the rise and we could not be happier. These eco conscious alternatives are becoming easier and easier to use whilst also taking care of the environment, your hip pocket, and bubs skin. With no nasty chemicals involved and quick snap closures, nappy changes are a breeze but also extremely cost effective as no need to add nappies to the weekly grocery list. We stock two leading brands of cloth nappies, Peapods and Hippybottomus and our customers across the Northern Rivers are loving the ease of use these nappies provide as well as the fun and stylish prints.  

Hooded towels make great gifts but are also super practical when getting little ones in and out of the bath. We offer both cotton and bamboo options as well as gift sets that also include washers.

Change Mat

Change Mat

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