Bassinets + Cradles

The one thing every new parent hears is how much sleep they are not going to get once their bub arrives. Now we’re not going to lie, you do have some sleepless nights ahead of you but there are some easy things you can do to help everyone get a little more rest.

Baby Bassinets and cradles are a great option for newborn babies in Australia and here’s why.

  • They are small and cosy. This gives bub a sense of security, because after 9 long months cooped up all snuggly on the inside the world is a huge place by comparison.
  • Bassinets and Cradles will fit through a standard doorway allowing you to move your little one from room to room if you like to keep eyes on them. This creates continuity for babies as they become familiar with the bassinet as their sleep space no matter where they are.
  • Co-sleeping baby bassinets in Australia are one of our favourites here at SHOPBABY. They allow you to have bub right next to your bed but safe within their own sleep space. This makes night-time feeds super easy as you don’t need to get out of bed as bub is within arm’s reach. Soothing your little one overnight is also made easier with a co-sleeping bassinet as you can reach over to settle them while you stay in bed and rest. Co-sleeper baby bassinets in Australia also have the ability to lower the foot end just slightly which is great for reflux babies.